What to look for in the best online Global Immigration Specialist courses

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igis What to look for in the best immigration consultant courses

Global immigration is reaching new levels every year and predictions are that this trend is only set to grow. No wonder as an immigration consultancy is attracting thousands of people; more and more immigration institutes are also popping up, offering Global immigration programs online. So how do you tell apart the best certified Global courses from ones that are not good?

In this article we are looking at two things: first, how to find trustworthy courses and second, what to look for in the best certified global immigration specialist courses.

Is your online immigration consultant program genuine?

Here are a few things you should confirm before you enrol for an online or in-class immigration program. If one or more of these are missing, the program may not provide the accreditation you need, and what they ‘teach’ may be incorrect.

  • Taught by accredited global immigration specialists
  • Instructors must have experience working in immigration
  • You should qualify for accreditation as an immigration specialist in a country of your choosing
  • Institute must have a good reputation online
  • Reviews and testimonials by former graduates are available

What to look for in the best certified global immigration specialist courses?


1. Preparing you for certification exam

A good online Global Immigration Specialist course will prepare you for the licensing. The theoretical instruction and training you receive is extremely valuable from a practical point of view too. You will have skills and confidence to manage immigration/migration applications on your own, learn to meet client expectations and have the knowledge to start your own global immigration specialist practise.

2. Placement opportunities and history of alumni starting their own business

Though many people join certified Global Immigration Specialist courses while pursuing an existing career, placement opportunities are important. A good track record of graduates joining reputed immigration/migration consultancies, law firms, non-government organizations and government agencies is important for assessing the value of the course. Also, alumni starting their own Global Immigration Specialist businesses signals promising future prospects.

3. What all will the online Global Immigration Specialists course cover?

An online Global Immigration Specialist program is a great way to learn because you can work at your pace, interact directly with the instructor, and get the complete body of knowledge. In-class courses often have to reduce how much they can teach simply because they must make sure everybody is able to follow the program at a pre-set pace. When you are looking for the best certified Global Immigration Specialist course, check if it covers much of this:

  • Fundamentals of immigration/migration law and policy
  • Conversing with you High Net Worth Client and Developing a needs based strategy
  • Regulations on immigration/migration, including visas, temporary stays and extensions
  • Inadmissibility rules
  • Human rights laws
  • Citizenship and residency applications
  • Administrative appeals and rejected applications
  • Preparing clients for immigration interviews and hearings

This is not an exhaustive list but an indicator of what you should be looking for.


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