What is Global Migration?

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What is global migration?

Global migration describes how people from one part of the world are moving to another part in search of economic and personal opportunity. Where there was once a time that people tended to migrate to only neighbouring countries, today, most people cross continents in search of a better quality of life and prosperity.

Why are people migrating?

There are numerous reasons for a person or a family to choose to migrate today. Here are a few:

Lifestyle: A person may not be satisfied with the lifestyle their country offers or may be lured by the life on offer in another country. Comforts, weather, quality of life, freedom of speech and other factors fall into this.

Safety: Certain countries are seen as being safer than others – politically, economically or socially – encouraging people and their families to migrate to provide a better life for their loved ones.

Family: Young families will often migrate together to provide better education and career expectations for breadwinners and their children. Some may also look at joining family that lives in another country.

Education/Career: Other countries may offer better education and career options for an individual. This is one of the biggest draws for students and relatively younger professionals.

Investment Opportunity: Business owners and entrepreneurs are making the most of opportunities in other countries. New technologies and research can also drive investors to a particular country.

Where are people moving from?

Statistically speaking, and till recently, migration has typically been ‘from the East to the West’, as people have migrated to better their future prospects. Lately, however, there has been a marked reversal as Asian economies have boomed and people from Europe and the Americas are relocating to participate in this economic boom.

Of course, the United States of America remains one of the most popular destinations for foreign nationals, mostly due to its diverse culture and business opportunity.

What are some challenges of global migration?

When an individual or a family chooses to migrate globally, there are some risks to be aware of:

Cultural differences: The sheer shock of living in a culture that is completely different can be very challenging, particularly if language barriers are involved or if the working culture is very different.

Emotional and physical needs: Both emotional and physical ties are interrupted with those who leave their (personal and professional) relationships and lives behind in their home country. Even things like differences in cuisine can take a toll on a person’s well-being.

Changes in economic and political climate: Those who migrate looking for new opportunities may find economic and political developments have affected their prospects. This may mean people have to modify their plans or find alternative migration strategies.

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