What does a Global Immigration Specialist do?

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igis What does a global immigration specialist do

Chartered Global Immigration Specialists are considered the expert authority helping individuals, corporates and organizations achieve their global migration objectives. Their role extends beyond just helping fill out application forms. A Specialist is expected to be able to advise on the most appropriate immigration strategies; offer advice on wealth migration, and mitigating the legal, tax and political risks associated with migration.

High net worth individuals seeking investment immigration programs and corporates have very different requirements – though the overarching objectives of cost-effective and certain migration are the same. Find out what you, as a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist, will be doing for clients and the different hats you will have to don.

What do individual clients expect a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist will help them achieve?

A client may come to you to discuss migration options before they commit finally or, maybe, after they have already decided to relocate. In both cases, you are expected to:

  1. Offer accurate, current advice on the global immigration landscape
  2. Suggest appropriate immigration pathways
  3. Find immigration strategies that save time and money
  4. Perform due diligence into client affairs and find the best way to present them before immigration authorities
  5. Liaise with experts to compile and translate documents
  6. File and manage applications, as a professionally qualified and certified immigration specialist
  7. Prepare the client for immigration interviews
  8. Bring certainty and accountability to the immigration process

Expectations of a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist

Specialists are expected to be qualified professionals, licensed (or certified) in their territory to offer immigration services. Clients expect Specialists to follow ethical practices and professional guidelines. Timely communication and responsiveness are key to successful relationships, too, and build confidence.

Corporate clients will require the Chartered Global Immigration Specialist to liaise with their Human Resources teams. That means being able to operate within a corporate hierarchy and having access to platforms that integrate with the client’s.

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Do Chartered Global Immigration Specialists have to specialize in immigration for just one country?

Absolutely not! A Specialist is free to provide immigration services to any country, subject to their operational capabilities. Many Specialists expand their practice to cover immigration to multiple countries. For instance, an immigration practitioner may specialize in investment immigration programs across an entire region.

In fact, clients prefer to work with one practitioner they trust for their global migration needs, rather than several different specialists.

That’s why strong interpersonal relationships and the ability to cultivate positive relationships is trait found in all of the best Global Immigration Specialists.

Choosing the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists

At IGIS we prepare candidates to be the best global immigration professionals. Learn to conduct interviews, present migration options, and stay current with the constantly evolving global immigration climate. We teach you the nuances of working with high net worth individuals looking for investment migration and institutional clients.

At the end of the course you will be allowed to sit the Chartered Global Immigration Specialist Exam offered by our Regulator the Global Society of Immigration Specialists(

You will learn from experienced instructors with decades of experience in global migration. Learn more about our courses.

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