Skills a Global Immigration Specialist program teaches you.

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igis Skills a Global Immigration Specialist program teaches you

A lot of ‘students’ who enrol for our Global Immigration Specialist programs are already successful professionals in their fields. As established real estate managers, investment managers, and even immigration consultants, their first question is “What will I gain from pursuing this course?”

Remember, many of those who have enrolled for our programs have aspirations to work in a global immigration environment. And that’s the prime focus of our Global Immigration Specialist courses. We prepare you for modern global migration, all its challenges and opportunities.

Skills a Global Immigration Specialist Program teaches you

Immigration laws around the world are constantly changing, as are the demands of those looking to migrate to other countries. A great program will give you the tools to thrive in this environment and empower you with the knowledge to offer advice beyond just immigration applications – something a sophisticated clientele expects.

  1. Reading the global landscape

You will learn the state of global immigration, discover permanent resident and citizenship opportunities through investments and learn about countries that offer these programs.

  1. Understanding client needs

We will teach you how to conduct initial interviews and identify the needs of clients. Case studies and instructors with global migration experience demonstrate effective case research and interview techniques.

  1. Investment-based migration

High net worth individuals have different immigration requirements compared to institutional clients. You will be taught to identify and assess risks associated with wealth migration and learn to mitigate taxation, legal and political risks.

  1. Institutional migration

Private companies with immigration needs are subject to taxation, corporate structures and specific immigration policies around the world. You will learn to find the most efficient routes of immigration in a corporate context.

  1. Learn about international business practices

Discover the professional and operational expectations a sophisticated immigration clientele expects. Awareness of marketing strategies and financial structures will give you the ability to provide advice that aligns with clients’ circumstances.

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What should a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist be able to do?

A Chartered Global Immigration Specialist should be able to advise high net worth individuals, corporates and enterprises on the best immigration options available. Clients look to experts to suggest the best programs for themselves, their families and employees. A Specialist is expected to give financially sound advice that aligns with their wealth objectives.

Specialists are expected to offer a practical perspective on migration too, answering questions about property ownership, tax compliance and business registration. In fact, expect up to 50 per cent of your time to be spent liaising with clients and local experts.

Choosing the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists

The global immigration landscape shifts with political and economic realities. That’s why our Global Immigration Specialist programs give you the tools to update your knowledge and troubleshoot whatever challenges you are faced with.

Successful Completion of the course allows to you sit the Chartered Global Immigration Specialist offered by the Global Society of Global Immigration Specialists (

Enrol in our Global Immigration Specialist course and start a rewarding career with a strong network of successful professionals, like you, with diverse skills.

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