Our goal is to become the leader in Global Migration Consultancy Education. We envision our students to become Chartered Global Immigration Specialists and open a world of opportunities, right at their fingertips.

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Our Mission

  • Offer an industry-driven research and development curriculum with a flexible schedule
  • Introduction to: Global Migration Systems, International Business Law, Global Taxation Systems, Global Asset Management
  • Facilitate the assessment and assistance of high-net-worth Global Citizens with their goals
  • Promote ethical consulting methods and practices
  • Help professionals become Global Immigration Specialists

Target Audience

  • Current or would-be representatives of international investment immigration programs
  • Investment Specialists wishing to foster, enhance and/or expand their knowledge of available international options and how to access them and succeed
  • Regulatory, compliance and government representatives
  • All staff working for the above
Course descriptions
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Rationale for taking the program

  • Prepares our graduates to expand on their existing work services and professional network by promoting knowledge-based competencies, ethical and best practices in business
  • Enhances our graduates’ career prospects and the reputation of the firm they currently operate or plan to establish
  • Enhances the confidence of your prospects in your knowledge, professionalism and commitment to your profession
Course descriptions

How the program works


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Access the course on your assigned start date

Course format


All course work is online in an easy-to-navigate learning management system that will compliment your day-to-day life activities

Confirmations of learning include application of research skills on case study assignments, class discussions and scenario based multiple choice questions

  • Accessible by all mobile devices
  • Six unique learning modules exploring different areas of expertise
  • Based on case studies and examples to make the material relevant and easy to comprehend

Learning Objectives

  • Practical consulting methods
  • Identify your clients, their needs and reasons for moving abroad
  • Ability to research on government websites
  • Learn about international treaties
  • Familiarization with basic international immigration law for permanent residence and citizenship
  • Various global investment programs
  • Research key countries to meet the client’s needs
  • Analyze more than one avenue for your client
  • Apply research methodologies to solve problems
  • Analyze cases
  • Prepare a tailored questionnaire according to key country
  • Determine required documentation of the destination country
  • Collection of information and documents from clients
  • Application processes
  • Identify the pros and cons of how to operate internationally and choosing a preferred option
  • Apply management best practices in respect to client file management based on jurisdiction and through the use of technology
  • Assess the operational needs of planned practice and develop operating plans
  • Identify and structure the elements of an international marketing plan
  • Develop fee structures based on expertise, case type, degree of difficulty and jurisdiction
  • Define a logical action plan respecting the final personal direction of the individual student
  • Explain the permitted scope of a member of the GSIS and apply the respective rules and regulations of the GSIS to business practices (pending GSIS creation) Interim focus will just be on business ethics in a general sense

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