The Global Education Specialist Program delivers much-needed training to current and prospective international education agents.

Our program will open the door to a successful and highly lucrative business and provide you with the qualifications to become a Designated Agent for Canadian/International institutes. Playing a key role in the international education market, global education agents are instrumental in linking educational institutions with prospective international students.

Our graduates will be able to differentiate themselves in the hyper-competitive recruitment environment as they will be eligible to be registered as Global Education Specialists. Ethical and reliable agents are in high demand internationally; and our program takes a holistic approach in ensuring professionals in the global education field will offer a wide range of services and build relationships with important stakeholders on the basis of professional ethics, integrity, and code of conduct.

At the completion of the program, students will have valuable knowledge, practical skills, a business plan, thus becoming leaders in global education student recruitment.

April 4th, 2022
*In special circumstances, there might be an additional cohort with an earlier start date. Contact us for more details.

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This module is an introduction to applied ethics. Utilizing real-world examples and case studies from current research and contemporary news, students learn to identify, analyze, and systematically resolve ethical dilemmas they are likely to encounter in their personal lives and professional careers. Over the course of the module, students will develop their own ethical decision-making guide.

Building Relationships

Many stakeholders are involved in the profession of Global Education Specialists – students, parents, universities, agencies, etc. Building relationships with these stakeholders is crucial to a successful practice in the profession. In this module, students will learn how to interact and build rapport with these stakeholders while applying intercultural sensitivity. Students will also learn how to network with other professionals in the field to help further their practice and expand their business.


Planning for Higher Education

Overseas higher education study is a booming sector, and there are countless choices in institutions and countries. This module will help students guide their clients in this selection process and formulate a viable application strategy to help them gain acceptance. This strategy will consider the needs and traits of the client in order to find the best match for them in terms of culture, country, institution, and program. The goal is to ensure the client achieves success and maintains well-being, while also putting them on the path towards a post-graduate career.

Application Systems and Preparing an Application

The aim of this module is to discuss the various application systems and their requirements for international students, and by extension, how to prepare an application in each scenario. Although there are only a handful of countries where large numbers of international students attend university, including America, Canada, the UK and other European countries, each has its own unique system for students. This module will cover the application requirements including letters of recommendation, personal statements, and the overall application process. Additionally, it will touch on the academic requirements for students completing secondary school along with information on how to find more information for students. By the end of the module, you will be able to assess the quality of an applicant, assist with school selection and advise the student on the various applications and requirements.


Financing Higher Education

In this module, students will learn about the types of financial assistance available to international students, including scholarships, loans, and grants in different university systems and countries. Students will understand the importance of the full cost of university and why a financial aid plan is a crucial part of a successful higher education consulting business. From this, students will learn how to create a financial aid plan to help their clients according to their needs and financial situation.

Immigration and Visas

Due to its international nature, facilitating overseas higher education requires an understanding of immigration laws, policies, and regulations, especially regarding visas. Students will learn to distinguish between different types of visa categories, understand the general rules and principles for successful visa applications. They will also understand clearly the limits to the adviser’s knowledge and competence and of when to refer a case on.

The module will provide knowledge on how to prepare a valid student application form, types of evidence needed to support the case, possible routes for business immigration, switching rules, permanent residence.


Student Success and Support

Research has highlighted that the cultivation of student support systems increases student retention and positively affects student’s health, wellbeing, and academic performance. By building networks of collaborative and inclusive relationships with peers, administration staff, and faculty, students remain supported, establishing strong social bonds and connections to place that foster commitment to learning and a sense of belonging to the academic community. As emerging Global Education Specialist professionals, creating awareness of the importance of these supports for your client (the student) is essential to increase your client’s success in the study abroad program. Ensuring this awareness and working with students to develop positive social support improves not only student success rates, but significantly improves relationships to support your business. Using a practitioner model for learning, this module provides guidelines, tools, and resources to assess student readiness for study abroad programs in order to co-construct plans and generate networks that support students for success in new, cultural settings.

Business Practices

The final module of this program will focus on applying all that students have learned in the prior modules and how they are going to practically apply it upon graduation. While the primary focus is on developing the business plans for those starting a new enterprise or expanding an existing one, we also recognize that some may be seeking employment opportunities as an alternative route of application of knowledge. We have therefore also tailored the material to cover specifics that relate directly to the development of graduating students’ game plans if the intent is to seek or retain employment in this field.

Each session will address a component of the final plan that students will be expected to develop over the course of the program. Each session will contain presentations to guide the learner in research and comprehension of the components. Each session is also supported by a storyline of a fictitious group of individuals who are going through the same thought processes of developing their business plans in this industry. Students may choose to review the entire storyboard as a precursor to the sessions or read each section of the storyboard as it relates to each session presented as they reach that specific section.

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