We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists will have bi-weekly start dates.


Introduction to Global Migration Systems

This module introduces you to the key factors that drive the global migration system. It will also illustrate the overall global landscape in acquiring permanent residencies and citizenships through investment by exploring many different countries that offer such schemes. This basic knowledge will aid you in later modules to help your client to choose the best immigration destination suitable to their needs and traits.

Getting to Know Your Client

This module instructs you on how to work with your Global Citizen, provide them with the professional service and prudent advice. This includes how to conduct an initial interview to best identify their needs, traits, and possible barriers. Realistic case studies will provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the process and hone your skills in research and conducting interviews.


Global Asset Management

This module introduces you to the world of Global Asset Management, how it impacts a high-net-worth investor’s ability to acquire permanent residency or citizenship through investment, and how you can help global investors manage their assets and funds across the world. This involves understanding the notion of evidence-based accumulation of wealth, investigating problems and finding solutions to international money transfer. You will also learn to identify, assess, and mitigate risks to investments posed by economic, political, and environmental issues.

International Business Law

This module is an introduction to international laws and treaties that can impact your prospect. The main goal is to provide guidance on how to research international jurisdictions and legislations regarding business structure, immigration, taxation, extradition, human rights, and admissibility. The module will also explore the regulations and legal powers of immigration professionals in different jurisdictions and how that may impact your ability to represent your prospect.


Global Taxation Systems

This module examines the Global Taxation systems and how to leverage a favourable tax solution for high net worth clients while ensuring their global mobility remains intact. This module uses the Harvard Business School case-study based teaching pedagogy wherein students will learn to create bespoke Tax planning strategies to achieve their client’s Tax planning objective while keeping in-line with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) policies.

International Business Practices

In this module students will learn about international business practices specific to professionalism, operational practices, marketing strategies, financial strategies as well as developing a professional prospectus germane to the ultimate game plan of the individual student.


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