Checklist to Help You Find the Best Online Immigration Specialist Courses

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Checklist to Help You Find the Best Online Global Immigration Specialist Courses IGIS

Global immigration is reaching new levels every year, and predictions are that this trend is not going away anytime soon. No wonder why the immigration industry is attracting thousands of people; more and more immigration institutes are also rising, offering online immigration specialist courses. So how do you tell apart the best online courses from ones that are not good? 


We’ve prepared a checklist to help you find the best online immigration specialist courses:


✅ Taught by certified Global Immigration Specialists

IGIS designed its renowned Global Immigration Specialist program from knowledge-based educational standards. Its curriculum has been accredited by the Global Society of Immigration Specialists and currently is the gold standard for individuals looking to establish or expand their existing law/consulting practice.

Experienced instructors working in immigration

We hired highly experienced instructors who will enable you with valuable insights, real-life guidance on opportunities available to you and your prospect, and the diverse needs of global high-net-worth persons. They will show you how to represent your clients’ demands best and how you can structure your practice and manage it ethically and competently.

Relevant material

Our team of experts created an effective case-study teaching model, where the student applies real-life situations to multiple scenarios. Such a technique will provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Canadian immigration system.


An online education program is a great way to learn because you can work at your pace, perfectly adjusting your learning schedule to your work, home, and social life. Our program is 100% online, including exams, assignments and discussions. There are no attendance requirements or set times; you can choose to log into the course at any time. 

The program offers accreditation as an Immigration Specialist

It is imperative to know where you’re investing your money. Our curriculum has been accredited by the Global Society of Immigration Specialists (GSIS), a renowned regulatory entity. We currently hold the most prestigious program for those looking to establish or expand their existing law or consulting practice.

Helps you stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry

It is essential to expand your professional development when working in a booming industry like immigration, continually enhancing your skills to catch prospects, businesses, and recruiters’ attention. IGIS is well aware of that. We designed our course for professionals looking to acquire new skills, turning them into subject-matter experts, improving their resume and knowledge.

Our Global Immigration Specialist course covers:

  • Fundamentals of immigration/migration law and policy
  • Conversing with you High Net Worth Client and Developing a needs-based strategy
  • Regulations on immigration/migration, including visas, temporary stays and extensions
  • Inadmissibility rules
  • Human rights laws
  • Citizenship and residency applications
  • Administrative appeals and rejected applications
  • Preparing clients for immigration interviews and hearings

Robust support network

Having someone to help you throughout your learning journey is crucial for your success. Our team is always ready to connect with you via phone, email, and Learning Management Systems. Our expert faculty will provide you with essential migration knowledge, legal migration skills, a professional network and a comprehensive business plan. 

This is not an exhaustive checklist but an indicator of what you should be looking for. At IGIS, we want our graduates to be well-rounded, knowledgeable global immigration professionals. We designed our online immigration specialist course to help you start a successful and rewarding immigration career. 

Wondering if becoming a Global Immigration Specialist is the right career choice for you? Talk to us, and we will happily assist you.

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