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This program will enable you with essential border services procedures and prepare you to be capable professional in immigration, customs, import and export, all concerning the movement of people and goods across the border.

April 4th, 2022
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Intro to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

This module provides an overview of the Canada Border Specialist Program. Learners will acquire knowledge about the Canada Border Specialist Program’s responsibilities, the services it provides Canadians, and the role of Border Services Officers in maintaining the Canada Border Specialist Program’s mandate, mission, and vision.

Intro to Immigration

This module discusses the Canadian immigration system, which has its foundation in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The legislation is applied to both the Canada Border Specialist Program and Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.


Primary Inspection Lane

This module discusses how persons and goods entering Canada are processed upon arrival. The role of BSOs in facilitating the Primary Inspection Line (PIL) for immigration, customs, food, plants, and animals will be emphasized.

Immigration Secondary

This module will introduce learners to Immigration Secondary. Students will obtain knowledge about the reasoning behind Secondary, the examination procedures, and a BSOs’ duties.


Introduction to Commercial Operations

This module focuses on the legislative requirements enforced by the Canada Border Specialist Program on behalf of various federal government departments and agencies.

Students will explore many of the different requirements and exemptions regarding the importation and exportation of personal and commercial goods that are controlled, regulated, or prohibited by these other government departments.

Students will also gain knowledge of the basic requirements as to the importation and exportation of commercial (business) goods.

Customs Secondary

In this module, students will learn about the processes of customs secondary. This includes mandatory referrals such as claims of commercial products, agricultural goods, or a work permit request. These, as well as searches, are all referrals to secondary.

Students will learn about the intricacies of seizures, detention, arrests, and examining goods in the context of customs secondary. Students will also explore duties and taxes in more depth.


Enforcement Intelligence Operations Division (EIOD)

This module will explore the Enforcement Intelligence Operations Division (EIOD) of the Canada Border Specialist Program in enough detail to understand the “behind the scenes” workings of enforcing, and ensuring the safety and security of Canada and its interests. The EIOD of the Canada Border Specialist Program would be most comparable to an actual policing agency. This plain-clothed division is nationwide and covers primarily immigration (IRPA), customs (CA), criminal (CCC) matters but also all other acts of parliament that the Canada Border Specialist Program enforces.

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