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Canada Border Services Agency Program



  • Our goal is to become the leader in education in matters relating to the Canada Border Services Agency. We envision our students to become capable professionals in the areas of immigration, customs, import and export, all in relation to border services.

Our Mission

  • Offer an industry-driven research and development curriculum with a flexible schedule
  • Facilitate the learning of border services procedures and relevant legislation in order to enable cooperation with the Canada Border Specialist Program
  • Promote ethical methods and proper legal procedures in regard to immigration, customs, and import and export
  • Help professionals work with the Canada Border Specialist Program to ensure safe travel and transportation over borders

Target Audience

  • Import/export and supply chain industry professionals
  • Customs brokers and agents
  • Staffs of NGOs or international organizations that work with cross-border matters
  • Prospective Canada Border Specialist Program officers

Rational for Taking the Program

  • Prepares our graduates for working with the Canada Border Specialist Program by promoting knowledge-based competencies, ethical and best practices in the industry
  • Enhances our graduates’ career prospects and the reputation of the firm they currently operate or plan to establish
  • Enhances the confidence of your prospects in your knowledge, professionalism and commitment to your profession

How the Program Works

  1. Registration
  2. Receive instructions on how to proceed
  3. Provide all the required documentation accordingly in due time
  4. Access the course on your assigned start date

Course Format

The course is online in an easy-to-navigate learning management system that will complement your day-to-day life activities

Confirmations of learning include the application of research skills on case study assignments, class discussions and scenario-based multiple-choice questions

  • Accessible by all mobile devices
  • Seven unique learning modules exploring different areas of expertise
  • Based on case studies and examples to make the material relevant and easy to comprehend

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the structure, goals, responsibilities, and values of the Canada Border Specialist Program
  • Learn about Canada’s immigration systems and its classifications, requirements, and procedures
  • Understand the process of Primary Line Inspection
  • Learn how to conduct research on the different types of legislation, regulations, and policies that govern the power and responsibilities of the Canada Border Specialist Program
  • Explore the roles of immigration secondary and inadmissibility criteria and processes
  • Learn how to calculate duty rates
  • Understand the process of importing personal and commercial goods
  • Learn about a Canada Border Specialist Program officer’s legal power to detain individuals and handle evidence
  • Understand the rights of travellers, commercial businesses, and detained/arrested individuals while dealing with the Canada Border Specialist Program
  • Understand the role of the EIOD in investigating and enforcing legislation

Enrol with IGIS

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