igis why is migration rising globally

Why is migration increasing globally?

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Globalization is occurring more quickly than ever before

Migration has existed for as long as humans have. We were migratory before we eventually settled in towns and villages. Yet, there is no denying that more people are immigrating than ever. Increased migration has also led to a rise in demand for immigration-related professionals. But why is migration increasing globally?

Increasing access to travel

Travel is now more accessible than ever before for a couple of reasons. First, as technology becomes more advanced every year, the travel industry receives benefits. Cheaper flight travel has spread all over the globe; with decreasing price comes increased demand for globalization and migration.

Availability of information

With more people using the internet than ever before, we have officially entered the Information Age. Those with access to the internet have access to virtually any information at any time. Information about a country is easily accessible through the web, including quality of life, economic, and socio-political information.  This knowledge allows for opportunities that many would otherwise not have, including information on the benefits of successfully immigrating to another country.

Migrants are searching for opportunities

Of course, even though it may be easier to immigrate than ever before, that does not explain the motivations behind immigrating in the first place. Ultimately, people move in search of opportunities that they do not have back in their home country. They may also be leaving behind troubling environmental, socio-political and/or economic factors.

Many countries, such as the United States, often offer opportunities that migrants may simply not have elsewhere. The standard of living could be much higher, and it could be easier and more profitable to work there.

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What does a Global Immigration Specialist program teach? | 5 reasons to become a Global Immigration Specialist

Globalization and migration

There are many factors behind why migration is increasing globally. Travel is now easier to access, and more people now have access to information than ever before. These new factors have worked with traditional factors, such as socio-political, demographic, environmental and/or economic, to exponentially increase global migration. In essence, millions of people are moving in search of better opportunities. And as we continue to see a rise in global migration, we can expect more demographic diversity than ever before.

Enrol in our Global Immigration Specialist course and discover a rewarding career where you help people realize new opportunities, and discover a global perspective yourself.

igis Skills a Global Immigration Specialist program teaches you

Skills a Global Immigration Specialist program teaches you.

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A lot of ‘students’ who enrol for our Global Immigration Specialist programs are already successful professionals in their fields. As established real estate managers, investment managers, and even immigration consultants, their first question is “What will I gain from pursuing this course?”

Remember, many of those who have enrolled for our programs have aspirations to work in a global immigration environment. And that’s the prime focus of our Global Immigration Specialist courses. We prepare you for modern global migration, all its challenges and opportunities.

Skills a Global Immigration Specialist Program teaches you

Immigration laws around the world are constantly changing, as are the demands of those looking to migrate to other countries. A great program will give you the tools to thrive in this environment and empower you with the knowledge to offer advice beyond just immigration applications – something a sophisticated clientele expects.

  1. Reading the global landscape

You will learn the state of global immigration, discover permanent resident and citizenship opportunities through investments and learn about countries that offer these programs.

  1. Understanding client needs

We will teach you how to conduct initial interviews and identify the needs of clients. Case studies and instructors with global migration experience demonstrate effective case research and interview techniques.

  1. Investment-based migration

High net worth individuals have different immigration requirements compared to institutional clients. You will be taught to identify and assess risks associated with wealth migration and learn to mitigate taxation, legal and political risks.

  1. Institutional migration

Private companies with immigration needs are subject to taxation, corporate structures and specific immigration policies around the world. You will learn to find the most efficient routes of immigration in a corporate context.

  1. Learn about international business practices

Discover the professional and operational expectations a sophisticated immigration clientele expects. Awareness of marketing strategies and financial structures will give you the ability to provide advice that aligns with clients’ circumstances.

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What to look for in the best online courses | 5 reasons to become a Global Immigration Specialist


What should a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist be able to do?

A Chartered Global Immigration Specialist should be able to advise high net worth individuals, corporates and enterprises on the best immigration options available. Clients look to experts to suggest the best programs for themselves, their families and employees. A Specialist is expected to give financially sound advice that aligns with their wealth objectives.

Specialists are expected to offer a practical perspective on migration too, answering questions about property ownership, tax compliance and business registration. In fact, expect up to 50 per cent of your time to be spent liaising with clients and local experts.

Choosing the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists

The global immigration landscape shifts with political and economic realities. That’s why our Global Immigration Specialist programs give you the tools to update your knowledge and troubleshoot whatever challenges you are faced with.

Successful Completion of the course allows to you sit the Chartered Global Immigration Specialist offered by the Global Society of Global Immigration Specialists (

Enrol in our Global Immigration Specialist course and start a rewarding career with a strong network of successful professionals, like you, with diverse skills.

igis What does a global immigration specialist do

What does a Global Immigration Specialist do?

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Chartered Global Immigration Specialists are considered the expert authority helping individuals, corporates and organizations achieve their global migration objectives. Their role extends beyond just helping fill out application forms. A Specialist is expected to be able to advise on the most appropriate immigration strategies; offer advice on wealth migration, and mitigating the legal, tax and political risks associated with migration.

High net worth individuals seeking investment immigration programs and corporates have very different requirements – though the overarching objectives of cost-effective and certain migration are the same. Find out what you, as a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist, will be doing for clients and the different hats you will have to don.

What do individual clients expect a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist will help them achieve?

A client may come to you to discuss migration options before they commit finally or, maybe, after they have already decided to relocate. In both cases, you are expected to:

  1. Offer accurate, current advice on the global immigration landscape
  2. Suggest appropriate immigration pathways
  3. Find immigration strategies that save time and money
  4. Perform due diligence into client affairs and find the best way to present them before immigration authorities
  5. Liaise with experts to compile and translate documents
  6. File and manage applications, as a professionally qualified and certified immigration specialist
  7. Prepare the client for immigration interviews
  8. Bring certainty and accountability to the immigration process

Expectations of a Chartered Global Immigration Specialist

Specialists are expected to be qualified professionals, licensed (or certified) in their territory to offer immigration services. Clients expect Specialists to follow ethical practices and professional guidelines. Timely communication and responsiveness are key to successful relationships, too, and build confidence.

Corporate clients will require the Chartered Global Immigration Specialist to liaise with their Human Resources teams. That means being able to operate within a corporate hierarchy and having access to platforms that integrate with the client’s.

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Do Chartered Global Immigration Specialists have to specialize in immigration for just one country?

Absolutely not! A Specialist is free to provide immigration services to any country, subject to their operational capabilities. Many Specialists expand their practice to cover immigration to multiple countries. For instance, an immigration practitioner may specialize in investment immigration programs across an entire region.

In fact, clients prefer to work with one practitioner they trust for their global migration needs, rather than several different specialists.

That’s why strong interpersonal relationships and the ability to cultivate positive relationships is trait found in all of the best Global Immigration Specialists.

Choosing the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists

At IGIS we prepare candidates to be the best global immigration professionals. Learn to conduct interviews, present migration options, and stay current with the constantly evolving global immigration climate. We teach you the nuances of working with high net worth individuals looking for investment migration and institutional clients.

At the end of the course you will be allowed to sit the Chartered Global Immigration Specialist Exam offered by our Regulator the Global Society of Immigration Specialists(

You will learn from experienced instructors with decades of experience in global migration. Learn more about our courses.

igis What to look for in the best immigration consultant courses

What to look for in the best online Global Immigration Specialist courses

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Global immigration is reaching new levels every year and predictions are that this trend is only set to grow. No wonder as an immigration consultancy is attracting thousands of people; more and more immigration institutes are also popping up, offering Global immigration programs online. So how do you tell apart the best certified Global courses from ones that are not good?

In this article we are looking at two things: first, how to find trustworthy courses and second, what to look for in the best certified global immigration specialist courses.

Is your online immigration consultant program genuine?

Here are a few things you should confirm before you enrol for an online or in-class immigration program. If one or more of these are missing, the program may not provide the accreditation you need, and what they ‘teach’ may be incorrect.

  • Taught by accredited global immigration specialists
  • Instructors must have experience working in immigration
  • You should qualify for accreditation as an immigration specialist in a country of your choosing
  • Institute must have a good reputation online
  • Reviews and testimonials by former graduates are available

What to look for in the best certified global immigration specialist courses?


1. Preparing you for certification exam

A good online Global Immigration Specialist course will prepare you for the licensing. The theoretical instruction and training you receive is extremely valuable from a practical point of view too. You will have skills and confidence to manage immigration/migration applications on your own, learn to meet client expectations and have the knowledge to start your own global immigration specialist practise.

2. Placement opportunities and history of alumni starting their own business

Though many people join certified Global Immigration Specialist courses while pursuing an existing career, placement opportunities are important. A good track record of graduates joining reputed immigration/migration consultancies, law firms, non-government organizations and government agencies is important for assessing the value of the course. Also, alumni starting their own Global Immigration Specialist businesses signals promising future prospects.

3. What all will the online Global Immigration Specialists course cover?

An online Global Immigration Specialist program is a great way to learn because you can work at your pace, interact directly with the instructor, and get the complete body of knowledge. In-class courses often have to reduce how much they can teach simply because they must make sure everybody is able to follow the program at a pre-set pace. When you are looking for the best certified Global Immigration Specialist course, check if it covers much of this:

  • Fundamentals of immigration/migration law and policy
  • Conversing with you High Net Worth Client and Developing a needs based strategy
  • Regulations on immigration/migration, including visas, temporary stays and extensions
  • Inadmissibility rules
  • Human rights laws
  • Citizenship and residency applications
  • Administrative appeals and rejected applications
  • Preparing clients for immigration interviews and hearings

This is not an exhaustive list but an indicator of what you should be looking for.


At I.G.I.S. we want our graduates to be well-rounded, knowledgeable global immigration professionals. Our online Global Immigration Specialist programs online are designed to get you started in a successful career in immigration/migration. Learn more about our Global Immigration Specialist courses.

Wondering if becoming a Global Immigration Specialist consultant is the right career choice for you? Talk to us and we can help you find out if it is a good option for you.

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igis Top 5 reasons to choose immigration consultancy as a rewarding career

Top 5 reasons to choose Global Immigration Specialist as a rewarding career

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Global immigration has grown in leaps in bounds over the last few years thanks to globalization. People are moving for employment, in search of a higher quality of life and joining relatives who are already settled abroad.

It is no surprise, then, that Global Immigration Specialists are in high demand. And you too can discover a rewarding career in Global Migration Consultancy. Keep reading to discover the top 5 benefits of becoming a Global Immigration Specialist.

An Online Global Immigration Specialist course can give you the skills to decode immigration programs around the world.


1. Huge global demand for Global Immigration Specialists

Millions of people around the world are shifting to major metropolitan cities like New York, London, Johannesburg, Beijing, Sydney to name a few. Trusted Migration Specialists with good educational backgrounds are the key to helping move base from one country to another.

2. Challenging and rewarding work

Global Immigration Specialists is not a job it is a passion! Our Global Specialists consultants get to work with people from around the world, from all walks of life. Their work helps others find prosperity, reunites families and helps clients fulfill lifelong ambitions. You are not just a consultant, you become a champion for them, guiding them through complex migration processes.

3. Short immigration consultant courses online

Global Immigration Specialists courses are relatively short and available online. That means you can continue to pursue your existing career path while training for something greater. Many of our students already have successful careers as lawyers, real estate agents, investment managers and immigration consultants. They find our online immigration consultant courses fits perfectly around their work schedule.

4. Lots of career options after an immigration consultant course

Complete an Global Immigration Specialist course from a reputed institute like the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists and you open up a world of opportunities. Our graduates go on to join major migration consultancies, government immigration agencies, non-government organizations and law/consultancy firms. You have a chance to meet and work with influential and driven people, which can broaden your own horizons.

5. Start your own Global Immigration Specialist business

Perhaps the most important reason for choosing migration consultancy as a career is that you have the opportunity to start your own business. So many of our graduates relish the chance to have their own practice and “be their own boss”. With the knowledge from an up-to-date Global Immigration Specialist course you can choose to specialize in a particular field, work with a particular community and travel the world for opportunities. Your time is flexible and you can truly work the way you want to.


At I.G.I.S. we are proud to help students and professionals enter a new field. Immigration/migration is a dynamic opportunity and we empower you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the global immigration environment. Learn more about our Global Immigration Specialist courses.

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