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The Institute of Global Immigration Specialist (IGIS) works with industry experts to design the most comprehensive programs to equip you with the right set of skills to have a successful career that you are proud of.

We are proud to offer three professional programs to kickstart your career:


Global Immigration Specialist (GIS) Program

We created the Global Immigration Specialist Program from knowledge-based educational standards for those who wish to advise high-net-worth persons seeking to gain a second passport, citizenship or permanent residency in another jurisdiction worldwide. Our Global Immigration Specialist Program has been accredited by the Global Society of Immigration Specialists and currently is the gold standard for those special individuals looking to establish or expand their existing practice.

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The Canadian Border Services Specialist Program

This program will enable our students with essential border services procedures, preparing them to be capable professionals in immigration, customs, import and export, all concerning border services.

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The Canadian Immigration Law Specialist (CIL) Program

Specially designed to cover all areas of immigration legislation in Canada, offering an industry-driven research and development curriculum which will facilitate the learning of regulations, introducing essential resources and important immigration terminology.

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Course Format

Our courses are 100% online, including exams, assignments, and discussions. There are no attendance requirements or set times; you can choose to log into the course at any time. It allows for flexibility in learning to take your business to the next level and to secure a well-regarded certification to bolster your credentials on the market.


Why should you take our courses?

We take our students very seriously. We hired only the best, highly experienced instructors who will enable you with valuable insights, real-life guidance on opportunities available to you. They will show you how to represent your client’s demands best and how you can structure your practice and manage it ethically and competently.


Wondering if any of these programs are the right career choice for you? Talk to us, and we will happily assist you.

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