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The Post-Graduate Diploma in Global Migration will assist you and/or your staff to take your current practice from a single destination to a global market.

The Global Immigration Specialist Program was created from knowledge-based educational standards that were established for those who wish to practice in consultation and representation of high-net-worth persons seeking to gain a second passport, citizenship and/or permanent residence in another jurisdiction worldwide. The online format allows for flexibility in learning to take your business to the next level and to secure a well-regarded certification to bolster your credentials on the global market.

Our curriculum has been accredited by the Global Society of Immigration Specialists and currently is the gold standard for those special individuals looking to establish or expand their existing law/consulting practice.

Our faculty are all long-serving, experienced Global Mobility Professionals who can provide keen insights with real-life guidance on not only opportunities available to you and your prospect, but also the diverse needs of global high-net-worth persons, how to best represent their needs, as well as how you can structure your practice and manage it ethically and competently.

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Our faculty are all long-serving, experienced Global Mobility Professionals who can provide keen insights with real-life guidance on not only opportunities available to you and your prospect, but also the diverse needs of global high-net-worth persons, how to best represent their needs, as well as how you can structure your practice and manage it ethically and competently.


John P. Ryan


John has enjoyed a diversified career that includes International experience as Corporate Director, Senior manager, Public Servant and Entrepreneur.

As a public servant, John has had the privilege of serving Canada as Senior Immigration Officer, Customs Inspector and a Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces. He was awarded Grant of Arms by the Governor General of Canada in 1998 in recognition of his contribution to the community. In 2012, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

As a corporate director, John has been sitting in various non-profit and for- profit boards during his career of corporate Governance. He is the award winner of Gill Bennett Award in Corporate Governance in 2010 and he was also a fellow of National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) USA in 2011.

As an entrepreneur, he started up various businesses including VSI, Aerie Leisure Inc. and Splashvox Inc. He also set up various profitable businesses for the boards he has served. He is an expert in both immigration consulting and corporate director/senior executive education.

John is also a licensed realtor in BC and a FAA licensed private pilot.

Imran Qayyum


Imran has been a practising immigration consultant for over 26 years and specializes in family, skilled worker and business class immigration. He has been a strong advocate for the promotion and enhancement of the Immigration Consulting profession. He participates regularly in consultative meetings with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on matters involving immigration policy and operational procedures and has been invited on several occasions to appear as a witness in front of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) to give testimony on issues pertaining to Canada’s immigration system being examined by the Committee. In addition, Imran contributes regularly on immigration matters for Canadian media.

Throughout his career, Imran has been closely involved with the progression of Canada’s Immigration Consulting profession and firmly believes that in order to provide competent service, all immigration professionals must undergo a formal education program of immigration studies in order to gain the core competencies needed to understand Canada’s complex immigration laws and policies. To that end, he teaches and mentors on a regular basis.

Dianne Normandeau


Dianne Normandeau is a Global Immigration Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She runs her own immigration consultancy practice in the province of Quebec, Canada. Throughout her career, she has assisted individuals from around the globe to immigrate and settle mainly in Canada, but also in the USA and other countries. Over the last ten years, she taught and prepared professionals with diverse backgrounds in becoming immigration consultants. She has contributed to course development projects, including one with the Institute of Global Immigration Specialists (IGIS). She is looking forward to assisting you in successfully achieving your career goals.

Holly Gracey


Holly has been involved in the immigration consulting profession for close to 35 years. She has a passion for teaching and has been an instructor since 2009. In addition, she has also taught at immigration consulting educational conferences at both a national and regional level. She has consistently proven her dedication to her chosen profession by holding several positions on key boards of directors and committees instrumental in the development and growth of the immigration consulting profession.

Holly is the Managing Director and Secretary of R.M.G. Consultants Ltd. She specializes in Canadian immigration applications for all federal and provincial economic classes with special emphasis on business classes, temporary classes (including visitor and student) and worker family classes specific to spouses and parents, as well as dependent and adopted children.


Dr. Saqlain Halim

Dr. Halim possesses extensive international experience in senior executive management positions and a multidisciplinary academic background with a doctorate and five master’s degrees among several other qualifications in Business Administration, Computer Information Science, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Technology, Airframe Technology, and Powerplant Technology.

As President, Xymius Education Group, Dr. Halim has been helping institutions and businesses for years with their international business needs. In the past, as President and Chief Academic Officer, he managed a large, complex multinational educational consortium with executive management degree program offerings in several countries. He has repeatedly helped numerous institutions and businesses representing a wide range of industries with strategic turnaround, management of change, rapid business expansion, and international partnerships. He has lived and worked in many countries, managed several institutions, taught, lectured, and trained senior civil servants and their trainers, business owners, and corporate executives from around the world.

Dr. Halim has published over 100 articles covering a wide range of topics and has been the recipient of numerous international awards for academic and professional excellence from prestigious honour societies.

Tina Ryan


Tina is the Chair of Canadian Migration Institute, the President of Visa Seminars International Inc.—a reputable immigration consulting firm based in Vancouver Island and the General Partner of US based Aerie Leisure LLP. Tina is also a US FAA licensed Private Pilot and a Co-author of PCTIA accredited immigration educational program CSIC E-Academy, an instructor and a bilingual entrepreneur who has conducted business successfully in different countries such as China, Canada and USA.

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